Dear members of the educational community

First of all, we wish you much encouragement and good luck in this new academic year.  As we all know, it will be carried out with some uncertainty, due to the health issues all over the world.

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We hope that you can carry out your daily classes as normally as possible. It is necessary that we continue teaching face to face in a Classroom. In the case of those Spanish language teachers from all over the world, to inculcate the value of a second language as Spanish and the affection to all the Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

As you already know, Educatrip always tries to help your students feel closer to Spain and its reach culture. For this reason, we have been organizing educational trips to Spain for more than 22 years for international schools.

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We want to continue our mission… even though these uncertain times are not the most proper ones to do many long-term plans. But the truth is that we must keep working as always and be as positive as possible.

Companies like ours have an important role in the promotion of the Spanish language and culture which we love so deeply. Visiting and traveling through Spain (or any other country worldwide), is one of the most enriching gifts that we can give to all those teenagers and young students who attend our classrooms of your schools, high schools and colleges.

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Please remember that we will be here to help you with everything that is necessary regarding the teaching of the Spanish language. We have enough resources and ideas to support your teaching work if needed. If you are looking for classroom materials or anything that would help your students through their learning process, do not hesitate to contact us.

And yes… we will continue our work, organizing linguistic and educational trips to Spain, always aware of the health issues, because after all, we love what we do, because we like to welcome back again.

All the best!

Agustín García (CEO)

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