Main Program Activities in Alicante, Spain

Monument/Activity Description
Basilica of St. Mary It is the most ancient of the city and was built using the Gothic style between the XIV and XVI centuries over the remains of what used to be the mosque during the Muslim reign.
Santa Barbara's Castle This castle is divided into three different buildings: “La Torreta" is where the old Torre del Homenaje is located and has the oldest remains of the entire fort, some bases from the XI and XIII centuries. The middle building corresponds to the most important rooms finished in 1580. The lower building dates back to the XVIII century.
Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari With a moderate exterior appearance, the Cathedral was built between 1616 and 1662, however, the Cloisters date back to the XV century. It was built over the remains of a mosque with a Renaissance style.
Spanish Course The school has a modern space with different classrooms suited for the education of school groups.
Elche Elche’s Palm Grove along with the sacred representation of the Mystery Play of Elche, have both been respectively declared part of UNESCO’s World Heritage and Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. These identity symbols for the people of Elche (ilicitanos) are industrial traditions and some of the greatest tourist attractions of this city. 
Flamenco Show The show is held in a typical environment and lasts about an hour. 
Archeological Museum (MARQ) The museum has different exhibition rooms dedicated to Prehistory, Middle ages, and Iberian and Roman culture.
Museum of Art (MACA) It has three permanent collections: dedicated to art of the XX century, which includes works by Miró, Dalí, Juan Gris and Julio Gonzalez; the Juana Frances collection, donated by the artist once passed away in 1990; and the Eusebio Sempere collection, acquired by Alicante’s city government in 1997.
Beach Alicante is greatly known for its local and nearby beaches.
Terra Mitica Terra Mitica is a Theme Park located in Benidorm. Its theme is based on ancient Mediterranean civilizations and spread out into five themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands.
Tour of a factory, company, etc. We organize trips to institutions, factories, enterprises or other relevant places for groups in relation to their training and knowledge of these places in Spain. Factories of horchara, fartons, or even the Playmobil factory! 
Visit a high school We organize trips to a high school so that our foreign students can share their experiences with Spanish students and learn about Spanish education system.