Main Program Activities in Tarragona, Spain

Activity/Monument Description
Roman Amphitheater Tarraco´s amphitheater is a roman construction near the sea and behind the walls of the city of Tarraco. It is the capital of the Roman province Hispania Citerior Tarraconenesis. The amphitheater was built towards the end of II A.D.
Barcelona Barcelona has been the stage for several worldwide events that have helped shape the city and provide an international impact. In present day, Barcelona is known as a global city because of its cultural, financial, commercial, and touristic importance. 
Casa Castellarnau One of the most symbolic buildings of Tarragona is the Casa Castellarnau. It is an ancient house from the XIV century that together with two adjacent houses was acquired by this powerful bourgeois family. In 1542, King Carlos I lived in this house during his stay in Tarragona.
Cathedral The Cathedral of Santa Maria was built under an early gothic style. It is located on the highest part of Tarragona, over what used to be a temple dedicated to the Roman Empire of Augustus, a Visigoth cathedra and an Arabic mosque.
Roman Circus Its construction was politically driven by the Concilium provincae Hispaniae citerioris whose representatives meet annually in the province of Citerior. It is also locater near Provincial Forum of Tarraco within the walled area on the lower terrace of the Parte Alta of Tarraco. It was built near the end of the 1st Century A.D.
Spanish Course The school has a modern space with different classrooms suitable for school groups.
Flamenco Show The show is held in a typical environment and lasts about an hour. 
Mural It is a military boundary from the Roman Era, which surrounds the city´s historical center. The construction is the most ancient of Roman Tarraco.
National Archeological Museum The actual Museu Nacional Arqueologic de Tarragona was built during the half of the XIX century. In other words, it is Catalonia´s oldest archeological museum. The museum demonstrates it has a Roman vocation through its collections.
Port Aventura Theme Park This is the name of the theme park. It has six different themes: Mediterranean, Polynesian, China, Mexico, Far West and SesamoAventura.
Beach Tarragona is surrounded by beautiful beaches to walk on or go swimming in. 
Trip to a factory, company, institution, etc. We organize trips to institutions, factories, enterprises or other relevant places for groups in relation to their training and knowledge of these places in Spain.
Visit a high school We organize trips to a high school so that our foreign students can share their experiences with Spanish students and learn about Spanish education system.